The Venues

Unique venues

SERENITY VILLAGE will host your most special events and offers a comprehensive package of service, ensuring the highest quality for you and your guests. Inside SERENITY VILLAGE you will find specifically designed facilities for all kinds of events. Once you pass through the striking entrance of “SERENITY VILLAGE”, you will find yourself in a lush environment, strolling down a stone pathway, reaching a picturesque chapel, which will fulfill your dreams with its singular ceremonies. Leaving behind this beautiful temple, you will encounter the magnificent space we provide to accommodate your events. Here your dreams will come to life, creating unique moments of happiness and joy for you and your guests. In the main building of “SERENITY VILLAGE”, you will also find specifically designed spaces for meal preparation and as well large food and beverage storage areas. Outside, the central pool is surrounded by tall green trees and bright grass whilst in the distance looms the rock garden of “SERENITY VILLAGE” featuring a fresh spring, embodying its core element.


At “SERENITY VILLAGE”, you can effortlessly enjoy your most special moments, avoiding tiresome transportation, as it provides all the separate facilities needed for ceremonies, events, accommodation and photographs in one beautiful environment.