Hot springs

Kamena Vourla is world renowned for its radium hot springs, which have been long established -not in vain- as one of the most popular resorts in Greece. In mythology, Hephaestus, at the behest of the goddess Athena, created the springs for Hercules to bathe in and recover his strength following his Labours. The springs were organized and opened to the public in 1935. With a water temperature of 40ºC, they are indicated for the treatment of rheumatic, gynecological and peripheral nerve diseases.


The springs are recognized by specialists as one of the most therapeutic in Europe. Mainly, though, they became known due to their unique composition of natural minerals, salts and radon. Created by the intense geological upheavals of tectonic plates that once occurred in the triangle between Evia, Thermopylae and Kamena Vourla.


They are located a little farther from the beach, at the base of Knimis Mountain and additionally have the singular characteristics of appropriate temperature and therapeutic levels of radioactivity. The thermal waters of the hot springs are channeled into the “Hippocrates” spring spa. Firstly, you shall encounter the ‘Kouniaviti’ springs, immediately after the “Kalintika ” springs and a few steps further, the “Venus” springs that flow into an exemplary and newly established, open pool.