Social (weddings, christenings)

The traditional church of «SERENITY VILLAGE», is ideal for weddings or christenings within the estate, hosting your guests in a tranquil setting with large lush garden and a pool. «SERENITY VILLAGE» also has an impressive spacious hall, hosting up to 800 people, with glass walls and convenient access to the garden and pool, as well as a movable roof that will surely bring you closer to the stars!


«SERENITY VILLAGE» provides comprehensive event planning services, covering the planning of the event as well as the couple’s and the guests’ residence within the impeccably designed suites of the Estate. In addition, «SERENITY VILLAGE» is able to provide a once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon ride or wedding photography upon the «Temptation Yacht».


The quality of your meals is of great importance to us and for this reason «SERENITY VILLAGE» features an ultra-modern kitchen and storage facilities. These spaces are run by experienced and qualified professionals of high-skill sets who create all the dishes on the spot. Equipped with an ISO certificate, we are ready to offer you the highest quality of service.


OFFER | 15% discount if you book your social or corporate event 6 months in advance