Parnassos Ski Center

Parnassos is one of the most beautiful Greek mountains, covered in native fir with dense vegetation and a rare natural beauty, which attracts visitors all year round. The Parnassos Ski Center is located 66 km out (or about one hour’s drive from) Kamena Vourla.


The Parnassos Ski Center operates here from December to early May, at an altitude of 1600-2250 meters. It is located at Kelaria and Fterolaka and is the largest and finest ski center in Greece. The Center has 19 slopes, 7 ski trails, 10 paths and three beginner slopes, with a total length of about 36 km. The slopes have a downhill length from 50 meters up to 4 km, suited for beginner, amateur and experienced skiers and snowboarders. For the lovers of adventure, there are 12 off-course “black” routes with deep snow and lots and lots of adrenaline. The Center is distinguished for its high safety standards across its facilities, machinery and overall smooth operation.


Parnassos Ski Center is a top choice for avid skiers as it is located very close to Athens, Lamia and Patra and its facilities allow it to serve a large number of visitors and skiers each year. Inside the Center there are two cafeterias and a restaurant-chalet, a ski and snowboard learning school, ski rental shops and a storage service with a playground for younger guests. Starting this year, at the Kelaria location, 1750, a maintenance shop for ski and snowboards will begin operations, using with the most advanced technology. Parnassos Ski Center provides all skiers and visitors with medical insurance services.

Boat trip to Lihadonisia Isles

The Lihadonisia are considered the “paradise” of the Evian gulf. It is a small verdant cluster of uninhabited islands floating between Kamena Vourla and Evia. As they lie just off the coast, they are ideal for diving into turquoise waters reminiscent of tropical imagery! The islands are the offspring of volcanic activity in the region; before the tectonic sinking of Maliakos, the Lihadonisia, must have been attached to the peninsula of Lihadas. Part of them sank during the great earthquake of 426 BC. The main ones are Strogili and Monolia, with the smaller ones being Steno, Vagia, Borias and Limani. Nearest to the coast of Fthiotida is Strogili with its characteristic lighthouse. Upon the elongated Monolia island,full of olive trees, stands the church of St. George, close to the ruins of fishermen houses. The ruins are literally hidden within olive trees and walls and traces of ancient dwellings and the Christian church can be seen by anyone that visits.